Tired of having your VODs muted on Twitch?

Fed up with getting copyright claims on your YouTube videos?

We’ve all been there. I’ll be showing you 5 places to get copyright free music for your Twitch or YouTube content.

In no particular order, here are the websites I’ve used for getting copyright free music for my streams.


NoCopyrightSounds MySlackerMind

NoCopyrightSounds is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to providing copyright free music to creators. They’ve been around since 2011 and have become incredibly popular, amassing over 16 million subscribers. A bulk of the music they post is dubstep/house/techno which is definitely a preference for most creators. NoCopyrightSounds requires you to give credit to the artist in your video/stream description.

[NoCopyrightSounds] [Usage Policy]


FirstPeriodMusic MySlackerMind

FirstPeriodMusic is another 2011-established YouTube channel that provides copyright free music for creators. FPM is unique because it provides more than dubstep/house/techno music. You’ll find hip hop and pop music on FirstPeriodMusic’s channel, which can give some personality to your Twitch or YouTube content. From artists like Huey Mack to Hendersin, these artists provide FPM with their music to promote. FirstPeriodMusic requires you to credit the artist in the description of your stream or video.


Twitch Music Library

Twitch provides their own royalty free music library for streamers. Although it doesn’t have as many songs as other sources, it does have a multitude of genres with an easy filtering system. In addition to having a nice variety of music, these sounds are guaranteed to not cause VOD muting on Twitch, as these songs are well…approved by Twitch!

[Twitch Music Library]


Pretzel MySlackerMind

A pretzel isn’t just a tasty snack, it’s also obviously a royalty free music service directed towards Twitch and YouTube creators. Artists have the ability to sign up and use Pretzel as a platform for distributing their music, while the listeners get to use the music in their own content without worrying about content ID strikes. Pretzel is a bit different than the other sources in that it also has a desktop application you can download. In addition to having a desktop application, Pretzel also provides a “What’s Playing” chat bot, music filters, global hotkey support, and a “Now Playing” text file for use with custom overlays.


Monstercat Twitch Stream

Monstercat MySlackerMind

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to deal with choosing the right genre and just need general background music, the Monstercat Twitch stream is for you. This is a 24/7 stream that well…plays Monstercat tunes. Simply load up the stream, adjust the volume, and there you have it, an endless playlist of dubstep music. If you’re planning on monetizing while having this Monstercat stream play in the background, you’ll need to get a Monstercat License Subscription.

[Monstercat Twitch Stream]

So there you have it, 5 places to get copyright free music for Twitch or YouTube.

Creating content on Twitch and YouTube can be very demanding. From editing to technical troubleshooting, the last thing you should have to worry about is what music will be playing in the background.

If you find any more sources for copyright free music, be sure to leave a comment below.